Tech Overview
Technology Vision
Why Laptops
All About Learning
New Paradigm
Paradigm Shifts
Implications of New Paradigms
Recipes for Success
spacerEnd Faculty Training
spacerEnd Teaching Tech Skills
spacerEnd Tech-Specific Fundraising
spacerProvide Constant Support
spacerAugment and Enhance
spacerAdded Value Examples
Tools Used
Contact Info

Selected Video Demos

Alison Explains Inspiration
New - Circus Physics
New - Science animation using iStopMotion by Boinx
SmartBoard use in math

This is an online version of a presentation that I continue to update and enhance. Various versions have been delivered at NECC in Atlanta (June 2007), AALF in Boston (June '06), CAIS in Santa Barbara (June '06), NAIS in Boston (March '06), the Laptop mini-Conference in San Francisco (January '06), and as the keynote speech at the Laptop Institute in Memphis (July '05).

Please ask permission before distributing, adapting or using this in any way with a group.

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