If the goal of implementing laptops is "seamless integration," and if the tools bring with them capability far beyond anything that students and teachers have had in the past, then we need to look at the impact on learning.

These 4 factors help or hinder learning:

organization - learners who are disorganized—those who can't find their notes, assignments, readings—are disadvantaged and therefore this impacts their learning

communication - inefficient communication—poor access each other, shyness, speech formation issues—leads to inefficient learning

information - inadequate access or lack of appropriate information—perhaps even controlled information—lead to inadequate learning

production - teachers generally evaluate the products of learning—student papers, projects, presentations, and tests—and when there are limits to end-product tools this can be disastrous for many.

By the way, "learners" are everyone - including teachers. All of the above applies equally to teachers and their ability or inability to master these learning processes.

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