Articles and Writings

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"Authentic Doing: Student-Produced Web-Based Digital Video Oral Histories," Oral History Review, Winter/Spring 2011.

"Here & Now in the School of the Future," Independent School, National Association of Independent Schools, winter 2009, co-author with Jonathan Howland

"Telling Their Stories: Student Production and Delivery of Digital Video Interviews via the Internet," International Oral History Association, 7/06, Sydney, AU, reprinted in On Tape, Oral History Association of Australia, April, 2008

"Laptop Program Update: Reflections on the Effects of One-to-One Computing in a HIgh School," Learning and Leading with Technology, ISTE, 12/05-1/06 (pdf 493KB)

"Laptops Unleashed! A High School Experience," Learning and Leading with Technology, ISTE, 4/04 (pdf 486KB)

"Making History Come Alive: Students Interview Holocaust Survivors on Camera and Publish Their Stories on the Web," Learning and Leading with Technology, ISTE, 11/03 (pdf 1.3MB)

Independent Thinking: Profiles in Success—The Urban School of San Francisco (written by Apple, primarily from my draft)